Monday, June 1, 2009

Female Customers feedback on Shadow Boxer

Straight after I wrote the previous post on 'Can Shadow Boxer be Used by Women' I got this email from a customer and wanted to share it with you all.

"Have been using the Shadow Boxer VRT2 now, pretty much every day for 13 weeks, and have really noticed changes, many changes with overall health...especially using every day, just using the workout on the DVD has made one HELLAVA DIFFERENCE!!!!!! . Have worked up to using the 'Hard' resistance straps. Guess the next step is the Power Punch Leg Accelerator......Thank You"......Karen ffrench, (Older than forty, I didn't want to over step the mark by publishing Karen's age...I hope this is ok)

Another female customer was so enthusiastic about the product that she excitedly rang me up and proposed a slogan for us "THINK IT, DO IT, DONE IT". What Rosealind went onto explain was how Shadow Boxer was so easy to use was that all you had to do was think about using it, pick it up and before you know it you've finished a quick workout, but that it feels like a workout that was considerably longer!

Now remember, these people have not been paid to say these things and I know it may even sound as though I've embellished what they said...I promise you I have faithfully reproduced what they have said or emailed me. I even asked them to send in little video clips of themselves talking about how Shadow Boxer has helped them but, as expected they were both a bit bashful. So this is the only way I can pass on what they have said.

They demonstrate in my eyes that whether you're a professional fighter or someone wanting to lose a bit of weight or someone wanting to get a bit fit...that with some effort and determination you can achieve great results. SO I HOPE YOU SEE SHADOW BOXER IS NOT JUST FOR THE BOYS.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Can the Shadow Boxer VRT be used by Women?

We get many women that buy the Shadow Boxer VRT. Ironically, male fighters and women want the same thing!

  • To tone up without putting too much muscle bulk on
  • Burn Fat
  • Improve fitness & endurance
  • Resistance training minimise injuries which may happen using weights
  • Flexible & compact device you can take any where
  • Improve punching to keep your other half in check! (This last one's a joke)
Punching is a really good all round exercise especially for saggy arms as punching against resistance tones the triceps. But make no mistake it's not just about the upper body. If you punch correctly (see Paul Briggs lesson our DVD) this actually tones up your abs, waist line, legs and your bum, as you have to twist from the hips and push from the legs to drive punches forward. Doing this repeatedly will take inches of your tummy, tone your bottom and thigh muscles also.

Finally there are lots of other exercises on our blog that we are adding to when we get a chance. See our previous post on Reverse Crunches in March 09 for instance. This the best exercise for lower abs (often neglected) which encourages better posture AND strengthens your abs both which make you look a lot slimmer and in fact reduces the chance of lower back pain due to poor posture.

Finally, remember this basic equation...there is no quick fix to weight loss. If you use more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. Shadow Boxer ups the calories you burn in a fun way and so the pounds should fly off, if you use it regularly.

Good luck

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Manny Pacquaio Uses Shadow Boxer

We introduced the 'PACMAN' to Shadow Boxer back in Decemeber 2007 courtesy of Tino Ceberano. Manny's hand speed is already legendary but being the perfectionist that he is continually looks for ways to improve his training both from a fitness and fightng perspective. Obviously, our commiserations to Ricky Hatton who unfortunately felt the full force of Manny speed and power.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shadow Boxer Quick Release Mechanism

Firstly, apologies for not blogging for a while but we have really been inundated with orders. So many more people joining the Shadow Boxer Fitness Club! We do have more posts of some great new exercises in the pipeline.

We were recently asked for a video clip on using the quick release buttons on the belt so we've posted this quick video to help anyone having difficultly.

P.S. this request came from a user of the product that was 70+ years of age and he was keenly using shadow boxer to keep fit and trim! Hats off to Bernie...I'm hope I'm still using Shadowboxer when I get to your age. Keep punching.

Hope the video helps

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do you want a Slimmer, Trimmer, Summer?

Word is defintely spreading about the Shadowboxer VRT and the thing is this is not just with combat enthusiasts, people are starting to realise that exercises that fighters use are good for everyone to tone up and get fit. For a start punching exercises are a simple great way of exercising your entire body, of course if you got to do it right (see our DVD with a professional boxer showing you correct technique). But people are also realising that the Shadow Boxer VRT is not just for punching. It's great for abdominal exercises. So here's one that will not only improve your posture but also make you look a lot slimmer as it targets the lower abs, an often neglected part of the body. Targeting this area has a significant slimming effect as it tends to pull the hip to a neutral rotation position, just this has the effect of making you look as though you've lost pounds. It also happens to be good for you as it encourages better core stability and spinal alignment, which basically means you get less back pain from imapct caused from bad posture whilst walking, running etc. So here's the exercise...

Reverse Crunch

Place the Shadow Boxer VRT belt over your shins as shown in the image. Grasp the handles however it feels comfortable and place you hands on the floor. You can start with the feet on the floor if you prefer.
  1. Then raise your feet to 90 degrees as shown in the first picture in the sequence. Please make sure you back is firmly pressed into the floor and not arching.
  2. Keeping that hand grips pushed into the floor raise your hips off the floor whilst holding the hip to knee to feet position firm. In other words you are only rasing the hips off the ground a few inches in a controlled manner (not throwing the hips off the ground and usng momentum). ote it is the hip that raises off the ground and the feet follow almost incidentally...NOT the other way around. Breath out as you raise your hip.
  3. Slowly lower to the starting position breathing in whilst you do.
  4. Repeat 3 sets of 10. This sounds easy but as you will soon discover this may be too much so even if you can only manage a few that's fine to begin with. Vary few people exercise the lower ab muscles and so many won't be used to it and will find it hard to begin with.
The great benefit of this is that you get double whammy due to the fact that you are puching your hands to the ground whilst doing the exercise so you get a tricep workout as a 'Brucie' bonus. No more Bingo Wings.

Advanced Tip

Move your arms out to 45 degrees to your body and that takes the exercise to the next stage...still too easy...refer to out previous post of straight legged reverse crunches (do not try this is you are a beginner)