Friday, November 12, 2010

Shadow Boxer Freestyle Punching with Ex-Royal Marines

Hi all I know we haven't posted for a while. We've just been so busy. But we've got lots of exciting stuff happening that you will soon hear about. Here is a clip from an informal session we did with some ex-royal marines and and ex-amateur boxer. We will post some different exercises soon. This will add to your current repertoire of exercises.

A 40 Yr Old Woman says Shadow Boxer Improves Breasts, Waist, Arm, Bottom and Thighs...What can I say?

I bought the Shadow Boxer belt in August 2010. I am a hard working woman in my 40's and wanted a whole body workout but never get time to go to a gym and like many people have bought countless bits of rubbish over the years and so really was not expecting much. I loved the Shadow Boxer from the first moment I use it, and noticed results immediately, and planned to use it for the rest of my life.

Your service and product range is fantastic and I love the fact that you are a dedicated group of enthusiasts.

I think most women see the Shadow Boxer as a boxing training programme only they do not see its true potential for them – which is a shame. I bought one for my friend’s birthday and she loved it. For women there can be no better workout as it tackles all the problem areas in one workout and it works!!!!!!!!!

I do the 20min workout every morning using the light arm bands but have now started using the medium bands.

My breasts and waist showed immediate improvement.
Arms, bottom and thighs, 2 months later I noticed big changes, my body is changing shape and becoming toned and improving drastically.

The other noticeable effects are fitness and energy, I now take the stairs always two at a time and running for a train is a piece of cake. I can eat what I want and still lose weight. What better testimonial could women want??? All women everywhere should be doing this!!!!!!

Best wishes