Monday, June 1, 2009

Female Customers feedback on Shadow Boxer

Straight after I wrote the previous post on 'Can Shadow Boxer be Used by Women' I got this email from a customer and wanted to share it with you all.

"Have been using the Shadow Boxer VRT2 now, pretty much every day for 13 weeks, and have really noticed changes, many changes with overall health...especially using every day, just using the workout on the DVD has made one HELLAVA DIFFERENCE!!!!!! . Have worked up to using the 'Hard' resistance straps. Guess the next step is the Power Punch Leg Accelerator......Thank You"......Karen ffrench, (Older than forty, I didn't want to over step the mark by publishing Karen's age...I hope this is ok)

Another female customer was so enthusiastic about the product that she excitedly rang me up and proposed a slogan for us "THINK IT, DO IT, DONE IT". What Rosealind went onto explain was how Shadow Boxer was so easy to use was that all you had to do was think about using it, pick it up and before you know it you've finished a quick workout, but that it feels like a workout that was considerably longer!

Now remember, these people have not been paid to say these things and I know it may even sound as though I've embellished what they said...I promise you I have faithfully reproduced what they have said or emailed me. I even asked them to send in little video clips of themselves talking about how Shadow Boxer has helped them but, as expected they were both a bit bashful. So this is the only way I can pass on what they have said.

They demonstrate in my eyes that whether you're a professional fighter or someone wanting to lose a bit of weight or someone wanting to get a bit fit...that with some effort and determination you can achieve great results. SO I HOPE YOU SEE SHADOW BOXER IS NOT JUST FOR THE BOYS.