Monday, May 12, 2008

Media Appearances #1

The Shadowboxer VRT recently featured in Amateur Boxing Forum Magazine. This a relatively new boxing magazine targeted at the many Amateur boxing enthusiasts in the UK. Ted and Terry at ABF are passionate about amateur boxing and loved the VRT product. Ted will now be introducing the VRT to the amateur boxing club that he supports. For more info see
Amateur Boxing Clubs UK

Amateur Boxing news, events and clubs in the UK.

The image was courtesy of Tony Cesay. Tony was a world class boxer and Commonwealth boxing representative. He is now a coach and works tirelessly in East London with the community to help young people gain a sense of identity and self-discipline by teaching the art of non-contact boxing. Although he doesn't just teach them boxing he cleverly incorporates life skills in his classes nurturing their self esteem and confidence.

He is a keen advocate of the Shadowboxer VRT and we hope to feature some advice and tips from Tony in the future.
For more info. visit or contact him on 07929 488534.

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