Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Much is Reaching Your Fitness Goals Worth?

As some of you may notice we put the prices up on 1st Feb, 2011. We tried our best to avoid this and haven't put the prices up for over two years. But it is a combination of things that meant we had to put the prices up. Obviously VAT went up on 4th of Jan but together with increasing freight costs and exchange rates means that we put our prices up on the Shadow Boxer and Leg Accelerator. All other prices have been held.
You still get great value from us (The Official Store), think about this:
  • How much is reaching your fitness or weight loss goals really worth?
  • The cost of one Shadow Boxer is still approximately the cost of 1 months gym membership
  • The results people get speak for themselves whether it be weight loss or sharper, faster, punching, improved cardio etc. Just read some of our geniune testimonials.
  • We offer free advice and support to help you reach your goals and have helped numerous people with useful hints and tips that have helped many people from amateur fighters to recent mothers improve their fitness
We do this because we are a company of enthusiasts and actually use the products not a company that sell loads of different fitness products. As such looking after our customers is at the heart of our business. Email us with any questions if you need help.

Keep punching

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