Friday, February 4, 2011

How to get the most from Your Shadow Boxer Workout? Just for Mums

We were recently helping some new mothers tone up and lose weight with advice on their workouts...whilst watching some we realised that they were making a few small errors when using the Shadow Boxer which drastically reduces the effectiveness of their workout. So here are some essential, must do tips that, if you implement will give you surprising results...firming up those wobbly bits...FAST.

1. Firstly, when you form the stance as in the DVD...assuming left foot is forward. We advise that you keep your hands up at all times
  • A quick self check is that your left thumb should be able to touch your left cheek bone when you extend your thumb.
  • Your right thumb should be able to touch your right chin, when you extend your thumb.
  • Simply put keep your hands up...this will extend the bands and so you get a gentle shoulder, arm and tricep workout by just standing there!
  • Please be aware this will be difficult to maintain at first but stick with it, you will see the benefits in a few weeks...I promise will blast those bingo wings.
2. Secondly, when you throw a punch, punch to your own nose height. Now I know you're not necessarily going to get in to the boxing ring! But the reason for this is most people punch low and this means you get less resistance, therefore a less effective workout.

3. Finally, and most importantly, we noticed most people punched only with the upper body with their legs fixed. This means they are only getting an upper body workout. But what about exercising your bum, thighs, tummy, waist line etc...Well, this is the magic bullet...if you do nothing else do this and you will watch the pound drop off.
  • The key to punching is it comes from the ground up and essentially it is the rotation of the hips that drives the punch forward...don't believe me...
  • TRY THIS. Stand up legs slightly apart, relaxed, arms by your sides. Twist/rotate your hips from left to right. Relax your arms. Get into a rhythm. Notice what happens to your arms. If your doing it right they are swinging without you moving them. This is the SECRET to punching. Now you just add the punch with the rhythm of the hips at the end of the swing and BINGO. So why is this so important...
  • When you punch like this you engage the entire body from the legs, bum, thighs, abs. What makes this really effective is when you punch say a left followed by a quick right, this quick change of direction requires that the entire body contracts so that you get the opposite punch to go forward.
  • Normal punching is great exercise what Shadow Boxer does is accelerate all of this so you get the same effect in half the time!
  • AND THAT"S THE MAGIC...this WILL tone up and pull in your waist, firm up your bum & thighs and generally firm up those wobbly bits.
Many of you already know this which is why we get so many emails back telling us what great results you get. But some don't and that is why we posted this rather long note.

Any questions or comments please let us know.


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