Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Accelerate Those Legs

For those of you that have bought a Leg Accelerator I wanted to provide some tips as we just had a question from a customer and wanted to clarify a few key points? This will also help you get the most out of your leg accelerator workouts.

"I get virtually no resistance as my legs are so short"

Leg Accelerator
  • Lower level kicks to waist height or below -- We use the main shadow boxer bands say 'H' heavy band attached from leg to leg NOT hip to leg as in the brochure.
  • Higher kicks to head height -- use the 'LB' attached from leg to leg.
  • The key difference is you don't attach the bands from hip to leg this is for people that have either shorter legs or want to maximise the effectiveness of their workout. This was another insider tip we borrowed from professional fighters and we use it like this ourselves.
What we would recommend
  • I would recommend use X-treme bands for the SB unit and use one heavy band from leg to leg, this is if you want the hardest workout. Vary the combination for different levels of workout. So maybe Medium bands on the Sb unit and one 'H' between the legs.
  • This will allow you to use both bits of kit together.
  • Benefits -- even if you do no kicking you should feel this on the legs. For example as you move around to drive forward with the legs you have to extend the front foot thus putting the band under tension then you retract the rear leg. So just with some foot work alone you will feel the difference. Add in some low kicks and you're cooking on gas!
There a lot of content here if you need any further clarification we can give you a buzz to explain. Let me know if this makes sense.

Even if you have any other questions and want others to benefit from the answers let us know.

Keeeeeeeeep punching

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