Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don't be a Slouch...!

Question from a Customer

I am interested in Shadow Boxer and wondered if shadow boxer can help with poor posture? I have slouching shoulders and bit of a hunch and am looking for some exercise equipment that can help with this and also improve my fitness. Can Shadow Boxer help with posture and to strengthen my lower back?

Our Answer

Rounded shoulders affects a lot of us, caused by a number of factors including working position and weak or inactive muscles. These can manifest as shoulder, neck and back pain. A combination of tight pecs, lats, weakness in the upper, mid back and core muscles can also contribute.

Below are examples of exercises you can perform with the Shadow Boxer to build the strength of the upper back muscles, that are responsible for good upper body posture and muscle balance.

Wide Rows - Rear Deltoids, mid and lower traps and rhomboids.

In a seated position, legs out straight position the belt against the underneath of you feet, grab the handles, sitting up straight, breathing in to lift the ribcage pull the arms back as far as you can without momentum, the upper arms should be at a 45 degree angle to the torso.

After your full range of motion has been achieved, slowly return to the start...
You should feel the muscles of the rear shoulders, lower neck and muscles between the shoulder blade working.

Rows – Lats, mid and lower traps and rhomboids.

The same seating position as the Wide Rows is needed, only difference is the arms now pull in flush the torso sides, the hands come into finish close to the arm pits.
You will feel the large v-shaped muscles of the back

These exercises are very straight forward, just remember to keep your shoulders down and the back position as if you standing tall and proud.

Keep the movements slow so you’re able to feel what’s going on and keep the maximum control over the muscles working.

For the Lower back

See our previous post on reverse crunches. This is an awesome exercise to improve posture and help with lower back pain.


SB Team

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